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Tangos and Songs from Argentina

Tangos y un Foxtrott

Malena: there are different stories about who was the woman who inspired the lyrics for this tango: one of them points to Nelly Omar, with whom Homero Manzi had a sentimental relationship.

Amor en Budapest: It was very common in Argentina to take European songs and adapt new lyrics to them. This tune is known as "Puszta fox". Alberto Novarro wrote the lyrics, making it famous in all Latin America.

Sur: One of the most popular tangos of all times. The poet Homero Manzi teamed on several occasions with Anibal Troilo to produce true works of art in tango. This one, is about romance and the mystic "Sur" (South) of Buenos Aires.

El bulín de la calle Ayacucho: The "conventillos" were slums where immigrants of all origins would mingle in Buenos Aires in early 20th Century. Sometimes a group of men would get a place for them to hang out and private rendez vous.

Por una cabeza: A great metaphor, using the problems of romantic relationships and applying them to an addiction to horse races. One of the most popular tangos. This one was played in "Scent of a Woman".

Chiquilín de Bachín: Another special team for tango: Piazzola-Ferrer, the ones that wrote "Balada para un loco", the only one that could claim to be more popular than "Chiquiling the Bachin" in their production.

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