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Tangos and Songs from Argentina

Rasguido, Chamamé y dos Tango Valses

El cosechero: This tune represents the music of the Central-North East Argentina. This is a "Rasguido Doble" that tells about people from neighbouring places going to the Province of Chaco for the cotton harvest season.

Entrerriana por demás: Another tune from Central-North East Argentina: the "Chamarrita", of Portuguese origins, became a signature for the Province of Entre Rios, Argentina, and also the country of Uruguay.

La oma: One more from Central-North East Argentina. This is a "Chamame", which lyrics are inspired on a woman of German origin in the Province of Chaco, a place which received numerous immigrants from Europe.

Bajo un cielo de estrellas: A sentimental waltz, talking about going back to the old neighborhood, where everything has changed; the place, the old friends, and the old love from the old days.

La pulpera de Santa Lucía: Another waltz, maybe one of the most popular in Argentina. It tells about a "pulpera"; a young woman who is a waitress in an old "pulperia", the place where people would go for drinks and to buy groceries.

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